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Metrohm DropSens - The ElectroChemistry Game Challenge

The “Electrochemistry Game Challenge” is an online competition set for all the participants of the 70th Annual ISE meeting. It will run before and during the meeting, from 00:01 CET August 1st till 14:00 CET August 8th.

The Game is similar to a “Trivia”, includes questions related to electrochemistry and instrumentation, and is based on challenges between the participants. The more you play and the more correct questions you answer, the more points you will get to win one of the 10 prizes available!

1. How to log in
2. Goal of the Game
3. How to play
4. How to win points
5. Prizes

On the last week of July you will receive by email your username and password for the game. It is recommended to change your password by following the instructions given at the end of this section.

To access the “Electrochemistry Game Challenge” platform, you should go to: (you will be able to start playing only from 00:01 CET August 1st)

Once you enter the platform, you can go to “My profile” section by clicking on your name in the upper left part of the platform. There you will be able to change your Avatar, your Name and Surname (the Name and Surname will be shown to the rest of the participants during the game) and your Password. Please use only numbers and letters for the Password. The username to access the platform cannot be modified.


The goal of the game is to get as much points as possible.

The first 10 players with the highest amount of points will receive a prize, described in section “5. Prizes”.


The Game is based in challenges between 2 players.

Each Challenge consists of 4 questions. Each question has 4 possible answers, being only one of them the correct one. There is a limited time of 60 seconds for answering each question; if the question is not answered before that time, it is considered a wrong answer.

When playing a challenge, both players receive the same questions and the challenge is played in turns: first the player who challenges and then the player who receives the challenge. Therefore, it is not needed that both players are connected at the same time.

At the end of the challenge, you can see a summary of your answers.

To play a challenge you need to click on the “Challenge a player” button in the upper part of the platform, and you will find 3 types of challenges:

- “Challenge a player” button: You can play a challenge against a player of your choice. To look for a player you can write his/her name in the “select a player” field or you can use the drop-down menu to look for the player.

- “Random challenge” button: You can play a challenge against a player randomly selected by the platform.

- “Online challenge” button: You can play a challenge against players who are currently online. To look for a player you can write his/her name in the "select a player" field or you can use the drop-down menu to look for the player.


Once both players have played the challenge, the player who has answered correctly more questions receives 4 points; the other one receives no points. In case both players answer correctly the same number of questions, the winner is the one who answers them faster.

In case your challenges are not played by your opponent or you do not play the challenges that other players have sent to you, they will be suspended 3 days after the day they were launched. If a challenge is suspended, the player who launched it will receive 3 points but only if he/she answered correctly at least 3 questions; the opponent will receive no points.

In the left side of the platform you can find the finished challenges that you have played by clicking on "Played challenges", the challenges you have pending to play by clicking on "Pending challenges", and the total number of active challenges pending to play by you or by your opponent by clicking on "Active challenges".
From "Active challenges" you can enter to play the challenges by clicking on the arrow found in the right side of the platform.


By clicking on "Ranking" in the upper part of the platform or on "Personal ranking" in the left side of the platform you can check your position in the game and the ranking of the first 20 players.

On Thursday August 8th at 14:00 CET the competition will be closed, and no more challenges will be available to play.

At that moment, the player that has more points will win the first prize, followed in order by the next players until 10. The available prizes are:

1st prize – 1,000 EUR

2nd prize – 600 EUR

3rd prize – 400 EUR

4th prize – 300 EUR

5th prize – 200 EUR

6th prize – 100 EUR

7th prize – 100 EUR

8th prize – 100 EUR

9th prize – 100 EUR

10th prize – 100 EUR

In case you have any problem or doubt during the competition, please send an email to [email protected].