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Published scientific articles in which our products have been used:

David Ibáñez, María Begoña González-García, David Hernández-Santos and Pablo Fanjul-Bolado "Detection of dithiocarbamate, chloronicotinyl and organophosphate pesticides by electrochemical activation of SERS features of screen-printed electrodes", Spectrochimica Acta Part A (2021) 248, 119174.

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Sheila Hernandez Juan V.Perales-Rondon Aranzazu Heras, Alvaro Colina "Electrochemical SERS and SOERS in a single experiment: A new methodology for quantitative analysis" Electrochimica Acta 334 (2020)135561.
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Daniel Martín-Yerga, Alejandro Pérez-Junquera, David Hernández-Santos and Pablo Fanjul-Bolado "In Situ Activation of Thick-Film Disposable Copper Electrodes for Sensitive Detection of Malachite Green Using Electrochemical Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (EC-SERS)" Electroanalysis (2018).
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David Ibáñez, Daniel Izquierdo-Bote, Alejandro Pérez-Junquera, María Begona González-García, David Hernández-Santos, Pablo Fanjul-Bolado "Raman and fluorescence spectroelectrochemical monitoring of resazurinresorufin fluorogenic system" Dyes and Pigments 172 (2020) 107848.

STAT 8000

Daniel Antuña-Jiménez, David Ibáñez, María Begoña González-García, David Hernández-Santos and Pablo Fanjul-Bolado "Screen-Printed Electrodes Modified with Metal Phthalocyanines: Characterization and Electrocatalysis in Chlorinated Media" Sensors (2020) 20(13), 3702.


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STAT 8000

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STAT 8000P

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STAT 8000
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STAT 8000

Águeda Molinero-Fernández, María Moreno-Guzmán, Miguel Ángel López, Alberto Escarpa. "An array-based electrochemical magneto-immunosensor for early neonatal sepsis diagnostic: Fast and accurate determination of C-reactive protein in whole blood and plasma samples". Microchemical Journal 157 (2020) 104913.

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STAT 8000

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STAT 8000

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STAT 8000
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STAT 8000
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STAT 8000

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STAT 8000

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STAT 8000

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STAT 8000

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STAT 4000

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