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Dear Researcher,

The transmission of knowledge and solutions is an important part in the development of science. We have now updated the publications web section with new published scientific articles, in which Metrohm DropSens products have been used in many different applications.

In addition, we add two references to the line of Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes (SPCEs) modified with particles.

By last, among different manufacturing capabilities: we are now able to manufacture microholes over ceramic substrate. Discover below the SPCEs with microholes.

Metrohm DropSens - MH110
New manufacturing capability

Metrohm DropSens has now the capability of manufacturing Screen-Printed Electrodes with microholes.

As an example, you have available the new electrode: MH-110, with a carbon working electrode with 19 spherical holes (500 µm diameter and 750 µm center to center distance) hexagonally distributed.

The configura­tion and dimensions of the holes are adapted to customer’s requirements and can be offered as a customized solution in other designs.

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Metrohm DropSens - 110D
Metrohm DropSens SPCEs modified with particles

There are two new references in the Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes modified line. This time, with Rhodium (ref.110RHP) and Iridium (ref.110IRP) particles:

These Iridium modified SPCEs can be applied to different electrocatalytical applications such as monitorization of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen evolution reaction, triglycerides detection or proton sensing in pH devices.

The Rhodium modified SPCEs can be applied for different electrocatalytical applications such as monitorization of hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen evolution, oxygen reduction reaction, formic acid or methanol oxidation reactions, halogens or reduction of inorganic nitrogen, like nitrate or nitric oxide.

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Metrohm DropSens - Laboratory
Discover the updated publications web section

We have recently updated the publications web section, arranged in a simple way by instrument and reference used, with a specific compilation of papers related to virus detection.

We have added more than 150 papers with new studies using the SPELEC line of instruments, portable potentiostats and a wide variety of interdigitated electrodes and SPEs.

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