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Dear Researcher,

In Metrohm DropSens we are experts on the design and development of Screen-Printed and Interdigitated Electrodes with the benefits that you know: easy to use, disposable and miniaturized.

This month we are releasing three different products: a transducer for Field Effect Transistor (FET), development with an innovative coplanar design including the Gate, and two modified electrodes with Poly-L-Lysine (PLYS) and Alizarin (ALI).

Metrohm DropSens - AUFET30
Transducer for Field Effect Transistor (FET)

This new product (ref. AUFET30) consists in a gold interdigitated electrode (Drain and Source) with an integrated coplanar electrode (Gate). The interdigitated electrode can be easily modified with semiconductor materials for diverse applications. These characteristics make the electrode easy to use and it allows you to work with small sample volumes.

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Metrohm DropSens - 110PLYS
Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes modified with Poly-L-Lysine (PLYS)

The SPCEs modified with Poly-L-Lysine (ref. 110PLYS) have been designed for cell culture and protein anchoring since they provide a positively charged three-dimensional surface improving the adherence of proteins to the surface.

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Metrohm DropSens - 110ALI
Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes modified with Alizarin (ALI)

The SPCEs modified with Alizarin (ref. 110ALI) are designed for protons detection in quick pH monitoring. The voltammetric oxidation of the Alizarin can be easily correlated with the pH of the solution.

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