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Being the leading company in the market for providing innovative solutions for spectroelectrochemical experiments we are now offering a unique set up for performing fluorescence spectroscopy experiments coupled to spectroelectrochemistry with Screen-Printed Electrodes.
Metrohm DropSens - Spelec NIR
Fluorescence Kit with Screen-Printed Electrodes

This novel combination of fluorescent measurements and electrochemical analysis with SPEs can be performed thanks to this innovative set up. The light source is a LED available in different wavelengths depending on the range of interest: 280 nm (Ref. LEDUV280), 395 nm (Ref. LEDVIS395) or Red, Green and Blue (Ref. LEDRGB). The LED light is then coupled with optical fibers, filters, holders and a cell for reflection experiments with SPEs that complete the fluorescence kit (Ref. FLKITSPE).  To make the most of these experiments the SPELEC VIS-UV instrument is the perfect solution offering synchronized electrochemical and optical measurements with a powerful software dedicated to spectroelectrochemistry. Further set ups and combinations for your specific needs are also available so contact us to learn more about the possibilities of this kit.
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