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Dear Researcher,

This month we have released a new software kit (ref. SDK-LB) to integrate Metrohm DropSens potentiostats in a control system based on LabView. Also a new thick-film electrode with the working electrode made of Cobalt has been added to our catalogue. Finally, our last scientific research in the field of Raman spectroelectrochemistry has been recently published showing the potential of the ref. SPELECRAMAN equipment in combination with Screen-Printed Metallic Electrodes.

DropSens - SDK for LabView
SDK for LabView

Metrohm DropSens offers now a Software Development Kit to use our portable potentiostats with LabView. This option is useful in environments where java is not available and therefore the use of DropView 8400 software is not possible. Valid for all the instruments controlled with Dropview 8400, excepting µStat ECL.
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DropSens - CO10

Thick-film Cobalt Electrodes (ref. CO10) over ceramic substrate with Carbon auxiliary and Silver reference electrode are now available in Metrohm DropSens Catalogue. These electrodes, manufactured by sputtering, are suitable for working with microvolumes and ideal for decentralized assays or to develop specific (bio)sensors.

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DropSens - Publications Section

Electrochemical Surface-Enhanced Raman spectroscopy (EC-SERS) is attracting great interest in recent years because it allows the detection of molecules at low concentration levels. In this scientific publication, disposable thick-film copper electrodes (ref. CU10) and ref. SPELECRAMAN equipment were used to detect malachite green by EC-SERS technique.

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