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Web version | April 2023
Metrohm DropSens News
Dear Researcher,
At this point we are quite sure that when talking about spectroelectrochemistry SPELEC systems come to your mind. In this newsletter, we release a new cell for performing UV-Vis/NIR spectroelectrochemistry with conventional electrodes and a very interesting application note with this novel accessory. In addition you can check a new video showing more software tools of the DropView SPELEC.
Of course our line of screen-printed electrodes keeps growing, this time with a new electrode for sodium detection.
NEW: Cell for UV-Vis/NIR spectroelectrochemistry with conventional electrodes and related application note
As you know all the SPELEC instruments can be used with SPEs and conventional electrodes. Now a cell for UV-Vis/NIR spectroelectrochemical measurements with conventional electrodes will be available in our catalogue. Designed in PEEK and with an opening and closing system with magnets, this cell is useful for experiments in aqueous and organic solvents. Thanks to the probe holder you are able to adjust the focal distance of the ref. RPROBE to your sample. Do not miss the related application note on the use of the REFLECELL-C to learn about the advantages and the simplicity of this set up!
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app note
NEW: Screen-printed electrode for sodium detection
Screen-printed carbon electrodes modified with a sodium ionophore ref.110NAION will be added to our line of modified screen-printed electrodes. This modification over the working electrode makes them suitable for measuring sodium ion by open circuit potentiometry (OCP) in a range of concentration 10-4 to 1 M.
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NEW: DropView SPELEC tools video
"Visible spectrum at EC point"
New entry in our series of short videos showing the available tools in the only dedicated software for Spectroelectrochemistry: "Visible spectrum at EC point" allows the visualization of the spectrum associated with each EC point with just one click!
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