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Useful for in situ or field electrochemical analysis, µStat portable potentiostats can be used with our screen-printed electrodes or with any other conventional electrode. Controlled by DropView Software which provides powerful functions such as experimental control, graphs or file handling, among others.
Spectroelectrochemical Instruments
Spectroelectrochemical Instruments and Accessories

Useful equipments for combined electrochemical and optical analysis, they can be used with our screen-printed electrodes or with any other conventional electrode.

The NEW DropView SPELEC Software is the powerful spectroelectrochemical software tool that controls the equipment, allowing perfect experiment synchronization and superior performance in terms of data treatment, including functions such as combined experimental control, real time spectra display, advanced file handling of electrochemical and optical measurements, among many others.
Electrodos serigrafiados
Screen-printed Electrodes

Screen-printed electrodes made of carbon, gold, platinum, silver, carbon Nanotubes or gold nanoparticles based inks. Innovative strips manufactured for electrochemical analysis in environmental, clinical or agri-food areas.
Electrodos Interdigitados
Interdigitated Electrodes

Gold and Platinum interdigitated electrodes (IDEs) made on a glass substrate, with two available dimensions for bands/gaps: 5 µm and 10 µm. They allow working with low volumes of sample, being suitable for decentralized assays, to develop specific (bio)sensors and other electrochemical studies.
Accesorios para Electrodos serigrafiados

Wall-jet and thin layer flow-cells for flow injection analysis systems. Cell for batch analysis. Connectors between screen-printed electrodes and any kind of potentiostat. Magnetic support for screen-printed electrodes and microcentrifugue Tubes.


Nanotubos y nanofibras de carbono. Reactivos para Electroquímica.
Nanomaterials. Electrochemical reagents.

Graphene Oxide and Graphene solutions. Carbon Nanotubes . Carbon Nanofibres solution. Mesoporous Carbon solution. Metal Nanowires : Nickel, Gold, Platinum, Palladium. Innovative materials, useful for electrode surface modification and other applications.

p- AminoPhenyl Phosphate, Hydroquinone Diphosphate and Phosphorylated Paracetamol : electrochemical substrates of Alkaline Phosphatase , useful when using AP as the electrochemical label in affinity assays and Quantum Dots.

Electrochemistry lab kits Electrochemistry Lab Kits

Including outlines to carry out an experiment, the analyte and the SPEs to undertake the practical session. Suitable for Analytical Chemistry Courses (clinical, pharmaceutical, industrial and/or food analysis).
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